As communications technology now impacts virtually all aspects of personal, social, and commercial activities, demand for telecommunications engineers is high and growing at a rate that outstrips the supply of fresh graduates, especially those with skill sets relevant to 5G, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The profession offers a range of careers from R&D, design, production, planning, deployment, application, maintenance, to sales, marketing, and management of various communications technologies and services. Many of our graduates have chosen to work with communication service providers, communication equipment manufacturers/vendors, mobile content and applications developers, and research institutes. Due to the broad nature of the course, graduates also seek employment in other disciplines such as IT, defense, banking, finance, consulting, management, and big data. With the globalization of the communications sector and the imminent evolution of many countries to 5G technology, this course provides an ideal passport to work anywhere in the world.

Job titles include:

Companies that hired our graduates (by alphabetical order, not exhaustive):

Agilent Technologies, Astro, Avago, Axiata, Celcom, Cisco, Digi, Ericsson, FiberHome, Huawei Technologies, Intel, KPMG, Maxis, MIMOS, Motorola Solutions, Samsung, Sony, Telekom Malaysia, TS Global Network, Webe, ZTE, etc.

More details on career prospects are as shown in the following diagram: