With our graduates' employability in mind, this four-year programme is designed in close consultation with industry experts. Consistent and continued development of the programme, always keeping our programme in line with industry-relevant trends, we aim to prepare you for an exciting career in the telecommunications and computing. Combining fundamental theories with practical hands-on experience, our programme equips graduates with the competency in design, implementation, and management of communication systems for information processing and transmission, along with the capability of creating exciting applications for mobile devices and Internet-based services.

This programme focuses on mobile communications and computing, beginning with extensive, broad coverage in engineering mathematics, electronics, circuit and signals, networking, computer and microprocessor systems, and power systems, followed by advanced modules such as industrial mathematics, digital signal processing, communication systems and networks, object-oriented programming, embedded Internet of things (IoT) systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity. Together with non-technical but highly-relevant courses such as project management, workplace communication and law, as well as industrial training, capstone and graduate projects, we cultivate graduates with employable skills to address the challenge of the 5G and big data era.

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