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29 Jun 2015 Invitation to Join The MIT Global Startup Labs MIT Global Startup Labs is a multidisciplinary group of MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives) that promotes development in emerging regions by cultivating young technology entrepreneurs. The MIT GSL Malaysia 2015 Programme is scheduled to take place on 29 June till 14 August 2015. Visit here for more details.
13 May 2015 Invitation to Join: Software Hackathon 2015
(1) 48 hours Hackathon Challenge
(2) StartUp and Technical Training
Open to All Final Trimester UG Students
Deadline to Register?
20 May 2015
Visit here for more info.
LEARN_BUILD_SHOWCASE_Software Hackathon 2015 v1.pdf
Competitions on:
(1) Writing Articles on GST
(2) Design of Video and Poster as Infographics on GST.
Open to All Malaysian UG Students
21 May 2015
Visit here for more info.
11 May 2015 Job Opening: SAP Consultant The job holder(s) will be based in KL and attached to SAP Taskforce and Project Division, which services SAP Business All-In-One (A1) and SAP Business One (B1) corporate clients.
14 Apr 2015 APPEAL LETTER FOR REINSTATEMENT For those student applying for reinstatement in this trimester, please come to the Exam Unit to collect your reinstatement letter.
14 Apr 2015 FCI: Foundation to Degree Application for June 2015 Intake New trimester is commencing soon, it means we are going to have another round of FTD / DTD application. IT is a MUST to submit an application online via CamSys otherwise we are unable to generate the offer. Please refer here for more details.
8 Jan 2015 Job Opportunities at Plexus (Penang)

Plexus is an award-winning participant in Electronic Manufacturing Services industry providing solutions in Wireline/Networking and Wireless Infrastructure, Medical, Industrial/Commercial and Defense/Security/Aerospace market sectors.

The company provides many career opportunities and is looking for talented fresh graduates to join the company on its goals to be The Product Realization Company. Kindly refer to the attachment for more information.

20 Nov 2014 Field Trip to Materialize Materialize is a 3D printing company based in Malaysia.
20 Nov 2014
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17 Sep 2014 Malaysia Developers Day Malaysia Developers Day is a contest that will challenge participants from 14 countries** in Asia to create a mobile app within 24 hours. Teams that come up with the best apps will win prizes totaling more than US$15,000 (~MYR47,400), including 12 scholarships for online software training.

Click here to register online.
15 Sep 2014 Fresh Graduate Recruitment at Forest Interactive Forest Interactive is looking for fresh graduates with CGPA 3.2 and above. However this could be negotiated, as the graduates need to have attained a Grade A in the subjects as below:
  1. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  2. Database
  3. C#
  4. Programming Fundamentals
Send an e-mail to hr@forest-interactive.com

Events, Seminars and Happenings

Date/Venue Event Speaker
7 May 2015

2:15 PM
FCI Building, 2nd Floor meeting room
Research Proposal Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"Effective Aspect Identification for Opinion Summarization "

Effective Aspect Identification for Opinion Summarization Abstract.pdf
Khong Wai Howe
5 May 2015

2:30 PM
FCI Building, 1st Floor meeting room
Research Proposal Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"Person Identification by Gait Biometric on Dynamic Illumination Videos "

Amalina Ibrahim_Abstract_Proposal Defence.pdf
Amalina Ibrahim
29 Apr 2015

10:00 AM
FCI 1st Floor Meeting Room
Research Talk
"NLP in Big Data"
Dr. Tang Enya Kong (Linton University College)
28 Apr 2015

2:30 PM
FCI 2nd Floor Meeting Room
Research Proposal Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"Exploiting Semantic Associations in Short Text Message for Sentiment Analysis "

Chong Wei Yen
20 Apr 2015

10:00 AM
FCI 1st floor Meeting Room
Work Completion Seminar (Ph.D.)
"Semantics-Based Image Extraction "
Tong Hau Lee
26 Mar 2015

2:15 PM
FCI 2nd Floor Meeting Room
Research Proposal Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"A Graph Based Classification Approach For Sentiment Analysis in Twitter "

Ong Kok Chien
12 Mar 2015

11:00 AM
Second Floor Meeting Room, FCI Buiding
Work Completion Defense (Ph.D.)
"Image Analysis, Feature Extraction and Classification for the Detection of the Retinal Diseases "

Abstract - Marwan.doc
Marwan D. Salih
5 Mar 2015

10:00 AM
FCI 1st floor Meeting Room
Research Proposal Defence (Ph.D.)
"A Multimedia Content Recommender System Using Speech Recognition and Content-Based Filtering "
Waleed AbdalFatah Hariri
13 Feb 2015

10:00 AM
FCI 1st Floor Meeting Room
Research Proposal Defence (Ph.D.)
"Context-Aware Seamless Handover for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Live Video Streaming Under High Network Utilisation "

abstract mahedi.pdf
Md. Mahedi Hassan
9 Feb 2015

10:00 AM
FCI 1st Floor Meeting Room
Research Proposal Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"Trust and Influence Modelling in Social Media "

Abstract Choo Jiun Yean.pdf
Choo Jiun Yean
28 Jan 2015

3:00 PM
FCI 1st Floor Meeting Room
Work Completion Seminar (M.Sc.IT)
"Analysis and Development of Content Based Image Retrieval System For Marine Species "

Abstract (Ahsan).pdf
Ahsan Raza Sheikh
22 Jan 2015

2:30 PM
FCI 1st Floor Meeting Room
Work Completion Seminar (M.Sc.IT)
"An Approach For Creating Software Patterns With Minimalist Content "

Khairi Syazwan Dollmat
7 Jan 2015

2:30 PM
FET Meeting Room, FET Building, MMU Malacca Campus
Research Proposal Defense (Ph.D.)
"Lane Tracking and Direction Recognition Using Image Processing for Auto Assist Driving System (ADS) "

Abstract - Zamani Md Sani.pdf
Zamani Md Sani
6 Jan 2015

2:30 PM
FCIAR2007 - FCI Building
Work Completion Defence (M.Sc.IT)
"Crosstalk Attacks Localization Design in All-Optical Network "

Siew Hong Wei
23 Dec 2014

2:30 PM
NMES Lab, 1st Floor, Block B, Faculty of Engineering
IEEE SP Technical Update
"Classification of Follicular Lymphoma: The Effect of Computer Aid on Pathologists Grading "

Talk on Pathology December 2014.pdf
Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi