Course Registration


  1. Plan of Study
  2. Student's Academic Load
  3. Subject Registration On-line
  4. Changing of Major or Faculty

Plan of Study

The plan of study for any students shall contain the subjects that the student shall register each trimester for the duration of his/her studies in a programme. The plan shall be formulated by the student on the advice of his/her academic advisor so as to ensure that pre-requisite courses' requirements are met, and core subjects related to the student's major and electives are included in the study plan.

The university recognises students by Beta, Gamma and Delta levels which are defined as below:

  • Beta : Students who have completed 40 credit hours and below.
  • Gamma : Students who have completed 41 to 80 credit hours.
  • Delta : Students who have completed 81 credit hours and above.

Student's Academic Load

Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) have specified that FCI's students academic load is as below:

  • 14 Lecture-week Trimester

    Minimum subject: 3 subjects, Maximum Credit Hours: 20 credit hours

  • 7 Lecture-week Trimester

    Minimum subject: 1 subject, Maximum Credit Hours: 10 credit hours

Subject Registration On-line

Before the trimester begin, ensure the following are available:

  • Latest time-table from the faculty.
  • On-line registration date from the university Bulletin Board.
  • Allowable number of credit hours for the particular trimester (Please refer to the University Rules and Regulations).
  • If necessary, an academic advisor evaluation.
  • An alternative plan in case the preferred subject is unavailable for registration.

Here are the circumstances where a student maybe advised to get his/her academic advisor's recommendation and/or an approval from the Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Informatics:

  1. Late offer - when a student receives his/her offer letter after the trimester has begun,
  2. Under probation - a request for more credit hours in a particular trimester.
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Changing of Major or Faculty

Here are the instructions with regard to changing of major/faculty:

  • Write an official letter to the Dean and state the reason for applying to change major/faculty.
  • Complete the change major/faculty form from the FCI Admin Office.
  • Meet the Academic Advisor for recommendation.
  • Submit the letter, latest transcript and change major/faculty form to the FCI Admin Office.
  • The Deanís decision will be informed within 5 working days.
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